Time To Thumb Through Our #VinylStash – LIVE Friday 11am UK/6am ET #THRadio

Hi guys
Its nearly that time again when we thumb through our Vinyl Stashes!!
This Firday we finish off going through the letter A’s in our collections and go on to the letter B.
Each and every Friday I go through mine and your collections of record singles, LPs and tape cassettes that you had back in the day…So, have a think of those artists, bands or groups you had beginning with the letter B..?  Remember they have to be on or before 1990 as that’s when I stopped buying vinyl!! If you didn’t have a collection, remember what you listened to from your parents or grandparents collections….
I’ll also have more childhood memories and would love to hear yours along with your letter B records;
Tweet: @DeanOrmond #VinylStash
Zello Channels: deanonair or Treehouse Live
So, this Friday lets sit around our records players and remember the good old days LIVE from 11am UK / 6am US Eastern across the Net Radio Group via www.treehouseradio.com www.the-phoenix.net or download Treehouse Radio’s FREE app from App Store or Googleplay.

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