#MostWanted has moved to Mondays at 5pm UK/12pm ET #THRadio

Hi guys
Just a quick note to remind you that Most Wanted with me has moved from Sunday mornings to Monday afternoons at 5pm UK / 12pm US Eastern…
We’ve also expanded Most Wanted to include ALL requests made to any Treehouse Radio show so, for example if you request something during Buffy’s Kitchen Sink she’ll play your request but also put it into the Most Wanted folder and it may be played again on Monday’s Most Wanted…
I’ll also be looking at the Top 100 Most Annoying Things In Life and just talking general nonsense…
Even tho this is a Pre Recorded show I’d still love to hear from you during the show and you can join in any off air conversaion by;
Twitter: @DeanOrmond #THRadio
Zello Channel: Treehouse Radio
So, I hope you can tune in this Monday at 5pm UK / 12pm US Eastern to listen to some great songs that you have been requesting!!

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