All good Things Must Come To An End And This Wasn’t Just good

Over the past few years the NetRadioGroup has been a collaboration that has brought not just two radio stations together, but listeners too.

From all of the special events we’ve staged, shared shows, and, most recently the NetRadioGroup mixcloud channel, it’s been an expedition which has been exciting and enjoyable for all involved, listeners and presenters alike.

However, all good things come to an end.

The great thing in the case of the NetRadioGroup however is that the venture has come to an end for all of the right reasons.

Over the past year, in providing more choice and more variety across the group, both stations have developed there own identity, in other words, both parts of the family have developed to the point that the two stations are heading in different but very complimentary directions.

So, with a tear in our eye, we’re writing to tell you all that, as of the 17th of February this year, the NetRadioGroup will cease to exist.

Both stations are in the process of putting in place exciting new plans, which as well as continuing to provide you with all of the things you love, including our own mixcloud channels, many more things which will see a bright future for you our listeners!

On behalf of both stations we’d like to sincerely thank all those people who have been involved in the success of the group, and, most of all, you, our amazing listeners, without who the group would not of existed and our two stations would not have the strong platform for future development and growth.

This is not a divorce, but a happy parting of the ways.

A parting where both stations remain best of friends, have the upmost respect for each other, and in the future the door left wide open for us to work together!

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