No Smartphones…Only Vinyl – VinylStash LIVE Friday 11am UK/6am ET

Hi guys
The weekend is nearly upon us which means its nearly time to spend a Friday morning with me and the record player!!

Remember the days with no Smartphone..? Well, if you can’t don’t worry as I’ll tell you how you’d cope without it! Yes that’s right, I’ve got the survivors guide on what you’d need if you didn’t have that shiny smartphone in your pocket…

If you do remember the days without smartphones you probably remember having Vinyl. This week we carry on looking at the letter J’s we had or still have in our collections, those 7” singles, LPs Album cassettes from Artists, Bands or Groups that started with the letter J. I love thumbing through yours, your parents & grandparents collections so, please let me know what J’s you had…Remember the Vinyl Stash rule the record has to be on or before 1990 as that’s when I stopped buying Vinyl…

To get in touch either to let me know what you’d do without your smartphone or tell me about a record you had in your stash simply;
Tweet: @DeanOrmond #THRadio
Zello Channel: Treehouse Radio (During the show)
You know I love hearing from you!!

So, grab a cuppa and maybe even a biscuit and join me round the record player this Friday at 11am UK / 6am US Eastern LIVE on or via the FREE app by searching for Treehouse Radio in Appstore or Googleplay…Or if you’ve got an Amazon Echo just ask Alexa to play Treehouse Radio From TuneIn.

See you then!!


Get inspired by this lady’s story on tonight’s Hope and Inspiration #THRadio

Hi to all!

I hope you’ll be able to join me for tonight’s Hope and Inspiration at 8pm UK/3pm US Eastern.

I’ll be playing some of the very best Contemporary Christian music, including the latest releases.

More importantly I’ll be chatting to Zoe, a young mum who, not so long back was in a very deep dark place so much so that she hardly left her bed for a year.

She’ll be telling her story and how her life completely turned around and how she now wants to help youngsters who find themselves in the position she was just a few weeks ago.

You can contact me by e-mailing or tweeting @TreehouseDarren with the THRadio hashtag.

I’ll not be in the Zello channel tonight as I’ll be on Zoom with Zoe.

As ever, you can tune in using any of the options on this page …

Listen live!

Hoping to see you later!



#TheVibe Is LIVE from 5pm UK/12pm ET

I’ll be with you LIVE on from 5pm UK / 12pm US Eastern with your weekly round up of Pop Culture, Celebrity Gossip, news from the music industry, the latest from Hollywood and what’s happened on the TV over the week. And ofcourse some great music

I love hearing your throughts, views and comments during the show which you can do via;
Twitter: @BecsOnDecs #THRadio
Zello Channel: Treehouse Live

If you can’t tune in on the web you can always download the FREE app for your Smartphone by searching for Treehouse Radio in your App store or if you’ve got an Amazon Echo device just ask Alexa to play Treehouse Radio from TuneIn.

See you later

Win a prize as Radio Family Fortunes returns! #THRadio #NETRadioGroup

I’m Steve inviting you to come and play Family Fortunes with me. It’s the game based on the British TV show of the same name (you may know it as Family Feud in other countries), where you have to match the highest answers carried out in the surveys. Play against other listeners and try to get the most points.

Each week your scores will be added to our leaderboard and at the end of the series, just after Christmas, whoever is top will be crowned the end of series champion and will win a prize!

I’m trying out a new way for you to submit answers but don’t worry if you don’t like it we can easily revert back to the old way. To answer questions this series using Twitter forget about tweeting @1969Steve and simply include the hashtag #RadioFamilyFortunes somewhere in the tweet as well as your answer. If you’d rather use email then nothing has changed there and you can still use

Song requests and anything that isn’t an answer to a question can still be sent to @1969Steve.

That’s Family Fortunes tonight, and every Friday, from 9pm to midnight UK time, that’s 4 to 7pm US Eastern, on both Treehouse Radio and The Phoenix

Its #FridayThe13th & We’re Superstitious About Our #VinylStash – LIVE Friday 11am UK/6am ET #THRadio

Hi guys
Will it bring us bad luck if we get our Vinyl out on Friday the 13th..? Well, lets test that this Friday as I thumb through mine and your Vinyl Stashes!!

Yes Friday the 13th is upon us and some people are very superstitious about the day…And some people are ever more superstitious about some things that are suppose to bring us bad luck!! This Friday I’ll be looking into some of those things and I want to know from you if you’ve had any bad luck doing anything that is suppose to bring you bad luck?

Whilst we’re doing that we’ll as always be delving into our Vinyl Stash collections…This week we’re onto the letter I’s we have or had. What Letter I artists, bands or groups did you have in your collections or what did your parents or grandparents have in their collections? Remember the Vinyl Stash rule it has to be on or before 1990 as thats when I stopped buying Vinyl.

To get in tough either just to say hello, request a letter I or just chat about Friday the 13th;
Tweet: @DeanOrmond #THRadio
Zello Channel: Treehouse Radio (To chat with me off air during the show)

So, be lucky and join me this Friday at 11am UK / 6am US Eastern LIVE on or via the FREE app by searching for Treehouse Radio in your chosen App store for your Smartphone or Tablet device or if you’ve got an Amazon Echo device just ask Alexa to play Treehouse Radio from TuneIn.


Celebrating the Treehouse Birthday on Music By Starlight tonight! #THRadio

Hi everyone!

As it’s Treehouse Radio’s Birthday today, Music By Starlight will be a little bit special.

I’ll be counting down the top 30 most frequently played artists from the Music By Starlight library, and you’ll hear some songs I’ve not played on the show before from most of these artists.

I’ll also be telling the story of how Treehouse Radio came into existance, and it may surprise most!

The show starts at 9pm UK/4pm Eastern and I’d love you to be there.

You can get in touch by e-mailing or tweeting @TreehouseDarren using the #THRadio hashtag. You can also come and chat to me and other presenters and listeners in the Treehouse Radio Zello channel.

Tonight’s Music By Starlight is a definite do not miss!


Happy Birthday Treehouse Radio, you’re almost grown up! #THRadio

Hi to all!

At 10am UK time on 10/10/2014, I opened up the doors to the Treehouse!

So, we’ve reached our third birthday and you may be wondering why we’re not holding some huge extravaganza to celebrate.

There’s a very simple answer…

We ran out of time and didn’t want to half way do a little something. If you’re going to celebrate, do it big time, do it properly or don’t do it at all!

We’d have a hard time topping the top 100 Countdown which was after all only a few weeks ago.

However, we’ve got some ideas bubbling under for Christmas that I think you’re really going to love, and this is aside from what we’re planning across the Net Radio Group.

So, for now, we’ll enjoy a little tipple and a slice of cake to celebrate and continue giving you what you want, a place where you feel at home, where you feel you know the people presenting the shows and feel connected to the community we’re building together.

On a personal note, I’m extremely proud of what we’ve built and are continuing to build. We have a brilliant team of presenters and a very loyal, even evangelical listenership who are happy to keep spreading the word about Treehouse Radio.

I’m not one to write a thousand words when a couple of paragraphs will do, so I just want to say congratulations to Treehouse Radio, and thank you so much to the Treehouse Team for doing what you do so well, but most of all thank you the listener for keeping on listening, it wouldn’t be worth doing any of it without you!

Bring on year four!



The Vibe says Happy Birthday to Treehouse Radio – LIVE today 5pm UK/12 ET

Would you believe Treehouse Radio is 3 years old tomorrow? To celebrate this and to launch the first LIVE edition of The Vibe in its new timeslot I’ll be looking at some of the biggest celeb stories that has happened since Treehouse launched.

I’ll also look at some of the people we’ve lost over the past 3 years along with looking at some of the chart music that Treehouse has played over the past 3 years.

I’d love to have you company and help me remember some of the biggest events since Treehouse Radio started.

You can tweet @BecsOnDecs #THRadio, email or you can come chat with me in the Treehouse Live Zello channel during the show.

So, lets celebrate Treehouse Radio’s 3rd Birthday today at 5pm UK / 12pm US Eastern LIVE on or via the FREE app or just ask Alexa to play Treehouse Radio from TuneIn.


Keeping It Nice And Hot For The New Series In The Treehouse #THRadio

Hi to all!

Well, our brand new series for Treehouse and the Net Radio Group begins at midnight tonight UK time, which is 7pm US Eastern.

It would take forever to detail every change, but here are just a sample of the alterations we’ve made.

  • Electrifying 80s moves to midnight weekdays UK, which is 7pm Sunday to Thursday US Eastern
  • Sensational 70s moves to 11am UK/6am Eastern Monday to Thursday
  • The overnight scheduling for the Jukebox and Net Radio Group has been juggled around a little and the From The Heart Collection returns
  • We see the return of Family fortunes, Hope and Inspiration and Telly Talk!
  • Brand new shows include Needles and Pin-Ups for 50s and 60s fans, Grand Central Station for Rock fans and Out of the Ordinary for those who like to hear unfamiliar tunes by familiar artists

Check out the new line-up here.

And don’t forget to tune into Terry Clasper at 4pm UK/11am Eastern across the Net Radio Group as he goes through the Phoenix new series along with recapping the Net Radio Group changes.

We have some really exciting stuff happening over the course of this coming series which I’m sure you’re going to love, we’re certainly getting all worked up about it!

It’s The Last Day Of School So Bring A Game! #THRadio #NETRadioGroup

Hi everyone!

Yes, it’s that time again where we mix things up, swap things around and try new stuff.

On Monday, 9 October, we start a new series of shows and we’re announcing all the changes tonight during School Days with Kara Ayres and yours truly!

The show starts at 9pm UK/4pm Eastern and airs across the Net Radio Group.

During the show, we’ll go through the entire schedule and highlight the changes both for Treehouse and the Net Radio Group.

We may even find time to play some damn fine music too, and more than happy to take your requests.

You can contact us by e-mailing, tweeting @TreehouseDarren or catch kara in the Treehouse Radio Zello channel.

I’ve never co-hosted with Kara before, but know her from my own school days and I’m guessing I’m in for a rough time of it!

You can tune in via our free app for iOS and Android by searching for Treehouse Radio in your store of choice, ask your Echo device to play Treehouse Radio from TuneIn, or if you wish we’re available on platforms like Radium, OoTunes, Siro and the like.

Or if you’d rather do it the old way and listen on your PC or Mac, locate the Listen link on the main navigation menu of this website.

Hey, we don’t care how you tune in, just tune in!

Hoping to see you later!

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