New Year, A New Series starting on Monday

Yes, it’s that time again when we not only welcome in the new year, but we welcome a new series of shows and this time around we’ve more changes than usual.

Monday through Friday at midnight UK time, that’s Sunday to Thursday, 7pm US Eastern, Cheryl Baker starts a brand new show called Music That Moves you. It promises a mixed bag of music as there are many ways to be moved.

Now That’s What I Call A Jukebox moves to a new time of 7am UK time, 2am US Eastern, still Monday through Friday.

Sticking with Monday, Bill Case permanently takes over the Music Box slot, Album Gems returns at a new time of 5pm UK, 12pm Eastern and Living In The 80s makes a come-back. Also, Desiree starts a new show to replace Jazz Junction. It’s called the Treehouse Hoedown and I think that speaks for itself!

Wednesdays, The Phoenix’s Harry Mason takes over the Music Box slot at 1pm UK, 8am Eastern.

Thursday sees a brand new show to replace Smooth Jam Express. It’s the Candlelight Cafe with Bill Case and promises to be a very relaxed and mellow affair!

Later that Evening Desiree’s Diner and Wireless Room switch places. The Diner at 8pm UK, 3pm Eastern and Wireless Room at 10pm UK, 5pm Eastern.

On Fridays, Cheryl Baker takes over the TGIF slot, sticking with the same name but focussing on the music of the 80s and 90s. Also, Buffy has returned with Keepin’ It Country by popular demand.

Saturdays has two new shows, Number Ones with yours truly at 4pm UK time, 11am Eastern which is exactly what it suggests, an hour of nothing but songs that reached number 1 in the UK. Also at 5pm UK, 12pm Eastern, Bill Case opens up his Romper Room with loads of great upbeat tunes to keep your toes tappin’.

Sundays, we have an exciting new show and addition to the station, The Baker Sisters, after an awesome show during the charity event earlier this year, Susan and Katy Baker have their own show at 2pm UK time, 9am US Eastern. This is one not to miss!

Later that day, another of the Bakers, Terry brings Rockin’ It Easy to the Net Radio Group starting at 7pm UK, 2pm Eastern.

All the times will be uploaded to the Treehouse Schedule page on Sunday and we can’t wait to get this new exciting series started!


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