Turn Up the Volume: Treehouse Radio’s Ultimate Christmas Party Countdown!

Get ready to rock your holiday socks off with Treehouse Radio’s Christmas Party Countdown! This isn’t just any holiday playlist; it’s a mix-master blend of the 100 most nominated party songs, featuring both timeless Christmas jingles and year-round hit bangers. Mark your calendars for Saturday, 23 December, because we’re about to turn the festive dial up to eleven!

The excitement begins at 12 pm UK time, but don’t you go thinking that’s when the chart starts. Oh no, we’re kicking things off with a special warm-up show, a two-hour extravaganza featuring the tracks that just missed the cut. It’s our way of cranking up the party vibes and giving a shout-out to the songs that nearly made it to the main stage.

Then, at 2 pm, hold onto your Santa hats because the main event begins! We’ll start our descent from 100 to the coveted number one spot. What makes our countdown extra special? It’s been curated by you, our fantastic listeners! From feel-good Christmas classics to the party anthems that get you moving any time of the year, this chart has it all. The question isn’t if you’ll be dancing, but how you’ll ever stop!

But hey, what’s a party without friends? We’re all about the chatter, laughter, and shared moments. Dive into the Treehouse Radio Community on Whatsapp, the Treehouse Radio Telegram Group, or the Facebook group at [facebook.com/groups/thetreehouseradio](https://facebook.com/groups/thetreehouseradio) to interact live during the event. Dedicate songs, share your party selfies, or just tell us how you’re adding a dash of sparkle to your day.

Your messages and shout-outs aren’t just welcome; they’re what make this countdown a communal celebration of the season and beyond. As each song plays, you’ll feel the warmth of a community united by music and good vibes, no matter where you are.

So, whether you’re decking the halls or just in need of a good tune to groove to, tune in to Treehouse Radio’s Christmas Party Countdown. Prepare for a jolly mix of holiday spirit and party anthems that promise to keep your spirits high and your feet moving. It’s more than a countdown; it’s a party, and you’re the guest of honor.

Let’s jingle, mingle, and spread good cheer. The ultimate Christmas Party Countdown awaits, and it’s only on Treehouse Radio. Don’t miss a beat!

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