It’s 1977 on this week’s Retro Chart #70s #THRadio

In a year when Jimmy Carter became US President and The Queen celebrated her silver jubilee, I’ll be taking you back 40 years to 1977.

I’m Steve and as well as playing a selection of songs from the US Top 30 and a track from the number 1 album from this week in 1977 I’ll be looking at the best selling singles of the year too.

There’s also The Mix Up, where I’ll play a short clip of 3 songs from the chart all at the same time, but will you be able to identify the songs?

That’s The Retro Chart today, and every Wednesday, across the Net Radio Group on and from 2 to 4pm UK time, that’s 9 to 11am US Eastern.

You can contact me on Twitter @1969Steve or email

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