An Awkward Weekender with the Parents – LIVE Friday 2pm UK/9am ET

Hi guys
Woulds you believe another week is nearly over and we’re already into August??

On this Friday’s Weekender I want to ask you a very personal question…What movies did you find awkward watching with your parents, those films that when a particular scene came on you wanted the ground to open up and swallow you! This week a survey has come out listing some of the most awkward movies to watch with your parents and/or kids…Will yours be there???

I’ve also got a Bottom 5 from 1986 plus what was on the telly and at the movies this week in 1986…

No musical theme this week however, if you’ve got a favourite song from a movie or just fancy hearing something you haven’t heard in a while simply drop me a line;
Tweet: @DeanOrmond #Weekender #THRadio

So, grab the popcorn and Diet Coke and come join me this Friday LIVE at 2pm UK / 9am US Eastern on + our FREE app, smart speaker or enable the Treehouse Radio skill on Alexa then ask her to play Treehouse Radio!!


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