A Kitten Corner full of Purring Litter – LIVE Thursday 4pm UK/11am ET

Hi guys Dean here!!
This Thursday I’ll be sitting in for Kay in the Kitten Corner…

Now, for the past few days I’ve been racking my brain what to do…Then a survey comes out in the papers listing some of the Worst Songs Ever, voted by the British public!!! Now I know what you’re thinking, its going to be 2 hours of complete Kitty Litter however, this list contains some very SHOCKING surprises that may even go into Kay’s Songs That Make You Purr!

So, on this Thursday’s Kitten Corner I want to know what you consider the Worst Song Ever but along with songs that Make You Purr…Oh yes its going to be a rollercoaster of musical highs and lows!!

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Email: dean@netradiogroup.com

So, hope you can join me this Thursday at 4pm UK / 11am US Eastern LIVE across the NETRadio Group; www.treehouseradio.com/listen-live www.the-phoenix.net or download Treehouse Radio’s FREE app or ask Alexa to enable the Treehouse Radio Skill then ask her to play Treehouse Radio. Also available via TuneIn on Google Assistant and Google Home.


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