A Streaming Weekender – LIVE Friday 2pm UK/9am ET

On this Friday’s Weekender I’ll look at the Top Streaming TV shows of 2018 along with asking for your recommendations.

I also want to know your Podcast recommendations along with looking at the Bottom 5 from this week’s UK Top 40 from 1986…

There’s no musical theme however, we will be talking about the UK clocks going back so if you’ve got a song suggestion about time, clocks, hours etc let me know…THINK OUTSIDE THE CLOCK!
Tweet: @DeanOrmond #Weekender #THRadio
Email: dean@treehouseradio.com

So, hope you can join me this Friday at 2pm UK / 11am US Eastern LIVE on www.treehouseradio.com/listen-live or via the FREE Treehouse Radio Player app…or ask Google or Alexa to Play Treehouse Radio….


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