The Bare Necessities of the Weekender – LIVE Friday 2pm UK/9am ET

Hi guys
The weekend is nearly upon us which means they let me back in the Treehouse to do my show!!

This week a poll revealed a majority of us Brits think having a 4G mobile phone signal should be a Human Right! Yes, really they think it should along with a few other things…

So, with this in mind, what are the Bare Necessities of Modern Day Life? What couldn’t you live without, what things do you rely on, on a daily basis? I’ve got a list, will your bare necessity be on there?

I’ve also got a new feature called Chillaxing along with a Bottom 5 from this week’s UK Top 40 from 2013…What were you doing an October Friday back in 2013?

No musical theme so any requests go;
Tweet: @DeanOrmond #Weekender #THRadio

So, I hope you can join me this Friday at 2pm UK / 9am US Eastern LIVE on or download the FREE “Treehouse Radio Player” app…Or just ask your Google or Alexa to Play Treehouse Radio…And why not even ask your Alexa to Enable Treehouse Radio Skill…


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