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Hi guys
This Saturday morning I’m back with a new series of Telly Talk. For those who remember Telly Talk know what to expect but for those who’ve never heard it before, what we do is play some great TV Themes, Movie Soundtracks and anything and everything else to do with the telly. We also chat about great TV shows and those great movies…

This week we remember those first TVs we had in our bedrooms, those TVs that were all our own and you could watch whatever you wanted rather than what your parents wanted to watch. We’ll chat about the TV shows we used to watch along with the films we used to watch on them…

Also in the final half hour of the show we take a look at what was on the telly this week back in 1982 and have a look at what we were going to see at the cinima.

Its easy to make a request for your fave TV Themes, Movie Soundtracks or chat about what you used to watch or even if you just want to say hello!!
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So, plonk yourself on the sofa and get ready for some great TV memories this Saturday at 11am UK / 7am US Eastern LIVE on or via the FREE app which you can find by searching for Treehouse Radio in the Appstore or Googleplay…Or if you’ve got an Amazon Echo just ask Alexa to play Treehouse Radio from TuneIn.


Updated: November 3, 2017 — 1:21 PM

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