Your Most Wanted Duets – LIVE Today 5pm UK/12pm ET

Hi guys
This week I’ve been looking through the Most Wanted list and noticed there’s not many duets in there, which I’m sure we can rectify today!!

So, today I’m looking for your favourite duets to add to the list along with your dream duets, those singers who you think should duet together…

And as a bit of fun I’ve found some duets where you’ll think OMG did I hear that right!

We’ll also look at some more Most Searched for things on Google along with playing your usual Most Wanted.

You can send me your duet requests by;
Tweeting: @DeanOrmond #THRadio
Zello Channel: Treehouse Radio (During the show)

So I hope you can join me later today at 5pm UK/12pm US Eastern LIVE on or via the FREE app by searching for Treehouse Radio in your appstore or Googleplay or alternatively if you’ve got an Amazon Echo just ask Alexa to play Treehouse Radio from TuneIn.


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