Time To Be An Animal On The Weekender – LIVE Friday 11am UK/6am ET #THRadio #NETRadioGroup

Hello everyone. It’s DJ Danny Miles here, ready and raring to go for
a great Weekender. With Dean Ormond hiding behind his sofa, I’m
stealing the airwaves this Friday from 11am in the UK (7am Eastern).

Talking of stealing the airwaves, I absolutely love Ed Sheeran but I’m
appalled by the state of the modern music industry in general and the
UK chart in particular. How can it be possible for an artist to have
16 songs in the top 20? Is this the death of music, or should old
grumps like me get used to the idea that nobody buys music anymore and
that monitoring success through streaming is the only way to go? Does
the chart need fixing and, if so, how can we best do it?

Something else that’s driving me bonkers at the moment is the number
of people glued to the webcam showing the seemingly endless labour of
April the giraffe. Mind you, you do have to feel sorry for any animal
that has to suffer such a long period of pain and discomfort, and I’ll
be coming out in sympathy with the creature kingdom by sharing with
you the top 10 UK animal rescues of 2016.

Talking of animals, my fiancée Stacie and I are off to see The Lion
King tonight, and I’m sure I’ll have plenty of stories from the
evening on the show. And, talking of looking back at things, we’ll be
remembering TV and music from this week in 1998 as well.

Your own stories, opinions, song requests and dedications will be what
gives these two hours their crowning glory, so get in touch and get
yourself heard. You can email me on
or tweet me via @TopTunesDanny. @TopTunesDanny is also my Skype name
or, if you’d like to share your dulcet tones without waiting for a
song to end, you can hit me up on Zello by joining the Danny Miles
channel or adding me as a contact.

Right, time to become Daniel in the lion’s den … catch you when I return.

Take care till then, Danny

Danny Miles
+44(0)7926 972762


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