Happy Birthday Treehouse Radio, you’re almost grown up! #THRadio

Hi to all!

At 10am UK time on 10/10/2014, I opened up the doors to the Treehouse!

So, we’ve reached our third birthday and you may be wondering why we’re not holding some huge extravaganza to celebrate.

There’s a very simple answer…

We ran out of time and didn’t want to half way do a little something. If you’re going to celebrate, do it big time, do it properly or don’t do it at all!

We’d have a hard time topping the top 100 Countdown which was after all only a few weeks ago.

However, we’ve got some ideas bubbling under for Christmas that I think you’re really going to love, and this is aside from what we’re planning across the Net Radio Group.

So, for now, we’ll enjoy a little tipple and a slice of cake to celebrate and continue giving you what you want, a place where you feel at home, where you feel you know the people presenting the shows and feel connected to the community we’re building together.

On a personal note, I’m extremely proud of what we’ve built and are continuing to build. We have a brilliant team of presenters and a very loyal, even evangelical listenership who are happy to keep spreading the word about Treehouse Radio.

I’m not one to write a thousand words when a couple of paragraphs will do, so I just want to say congratulations to Treehouse Radio, and thank you so much to the Treehouse Team for doing what you do so well, but most of all thank you the listener for keeping on listening, it wouldn’t be worth doing any of it without you!

Bring on year four!



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