Get inspired by this lady’s story on tonight’s Hope and Inspiration #THRadio

Hi to all!

I hope you’ll be able to join me for tonight’s Hope and Inspiration at 8pm UK/3pm US Eastern.

I’ll be playing some of the very best Contemporary Christian music, including the latest releases.

More importantly I’ll be chatting to Zoe, a young mum who, not so long back was in a very deep dark place so much so that she hardly left her bed for a year.

She’ll be telling her story and how her life completely turned around and how she now wants to help youngsters who find themselves in the position she was just a few weeks ago.

You can contact me by e-mailing or tweeting @TreehouseDarren with the THRadio hashtag.

I’ll not be in the Zello channel tonight as I’ll be on Zoom with Zoe.

As ever, you can tune in using any of the options on this page …

Listen live!

Hoping to see you later!



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