Name: Kaz

e-mail address: Treehous kaz@treehouseradio.com

Twitter name: @cherrykaz1

Where are you based: Country and City: Birmingham UK

What show(s) do you present and what time(s) can we hear them: Dinner and Dessert Wednesday evening 9pm till 11pm UK

Briefly describe your show(s) Dinner and Dessert features relaxing chilled out music to help people unwind at the end of the day. I play a mixture of older and newer songs.

When did you start broadcasting: September, 2012

How did you get into broadcasting: through listening to other shows which piqued my interest.

When you’re not on air, what do you like to do: I like to spend time with friends, travel, swim, and read.

What genre of music do you find yourself listening to the most: I like bit of everything. I don’t have one favorite genre.

What genre(s) of music to you dislike the most: I don’t like rap or hard rock, but I will listen to anything else.

Name 3 of your favorite music artists or bands: Michael Buble’, Abba, Phil Collins

Name an artist or band you feel is totally overrated: Oasis

Name one of your favorite movies: Mama Mia

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