Win £20 by entering our #Eurovision sweepstake #THRadio #NETRadioGroup

Next week the 63rd Eurovision Song Contest will be held in Lisbon, Portugal.

I’m Steve and if you want to hear the songs before hand then I will be previewing all 43 of them this Friday, that’s the 4th of May, starting at 9pm UK time, 4pm US Eastern.

I’m also organising a sweepstake. I have a list of all the countries taking part, I’ve mixed them all up and allocated each of them a number. If you send me 2 numbers between 1 and 43 I’ll reply with the country corresponding to your first number. If that’s gone I’ll use your second number. If the country you selected wins this year’s Eurovision Song Contest on the 12th of May you will win a prize of £20 (or equivalent in your currency if not in the UK). I can send it via PayPal transfer or Amazon gift voucher. If neither of those options appeal to you I’m sure we can find another way (even if it means sending a cheque in the post).

If we still have countries left to be selected then you will still have chance to enter the sweepstake during the show, although that can’t be guaranteed.

To send me your numbers for the sweepstake email or send a DM on Twitter @1969Steve.

As well as previewing all 43 songs on Friday I’ll also be letting you know who has selected which country in the sweepstake.

Come join the fun this Friday on Treehouse Radio or The Phoenix

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