Listen live!

there are a variety of ways you can listen to Treehouse Radio whether your’e at home or out and about!

Smart Speakers

If you have an Alexa enabled device, you can enable the Treehouse Radio skill which will give you access to both the main Treehouse stream and the Music only Giant Jukebox stream. Just be aware that it can be tempremental when dealing with room groups.

For Google Assistant enabled devices, just say “Tell Get Me Radio to play Treehouse Radio.” You can also use Tune-In, but you will probably hear irritating ads before the stream kicks in.

Web Player

This site has the web player displayed on every page. It works on all popular browsers and is screen reader accessible. You can either activate a pop out window so your browsing isn’t interupted, or just use the player on the page you’re on.

On Your Computer

For those that like it old school, paste the following URL into your preferred media player …

Or for the 24/7 music only stream …

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