It’s Monday, it’s Mellow … And I’m having a Moment! #THRadio

It’s been about 2 years since it was last on the air, but The Monday Mellow Moment is back!.

I’m Steve and every Monday for the next 13 weeks I’ll be playing the world’s greatest love songs.

Features include:

The Bit At The End – I’ll play the last few seconds of a song but will you be able to identify it?

The Monday Mellow Movie Moment – this is a love song or ballad that has been in a film.

The Alphabet Of Love – working our way through the alphabet, starting at A this week, I’ll play a song by a group or artist beginning with that letter. Hopefully suggested by you. I may even play a few songs if there are a few suggestions.

Connections – this feature seems to follow me around on a Monday. Three songs with one connection. But can you work out that connection? This time, of course, the songs involved will be ballads.

We’ll also have the return of The Story Lady.

You can contact me during the show, for requests and listener participation, on Twitter @1969Steve or by emailing

That’s The Monday Mellow Moment today, and every Monday, at 7pm UK time, 2pm US Eastern, on Treehouse Radio.

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