I have a challenge for you on this week’s Monday Mellow Moment! #THRadio

Hello, I’m Steve and I present The Monday Mellow Moment here on Treehouse Radio. One of my features is called The Alphabet Of Love. This is where we go through the Alphabet and play ballads or love songs by artists whose name begins with a particular letter.

This week we’re on the letter ‘X’. Yes that’s right – the letter ‘X’.

So I need your help. Can you think of any singers or groups whose name begins with ‘X’ plus a ballad or love song they’ve sung? With solo singers it can be their first or last name beginning with ‘X’.

If you tune in from 7pm UK time, 2pm US Eastern, you can let me know during the show by tweeting @1969Steve or email steve@treehouseradio.com

I’ll see you later for The Monday Mellow Moment.

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