There’s Money in the Kitchen Sink – LIVE Thursday 11am UK/6am ET #THRadio

Hi guys
This Thursday I’m sitting in the Kitchen Sink for Buffy…And its the last 1 in the series!!

How much money do you earn? Well, I bet its not as much as some of your favourite Singers, Artists and Bands earned last year!!! Oh yes the list has been revealed of how much they earned in 2016 and how much they are worth on paper…I’ll be going through some of them and playing a song of 2 by them just so they can earn that little bit more from the royalties!!!

This got me thinking of if I had alot of money what would I spend it on and would love to hear what extravagant and luxury things you’d love to buy and own if you had the money?

Also at 12:30pm UK / 7:30am US Eatern I want to do an On Air experiment where I’ll need your help…You’ll have to be in the Treehouse Live Zello channel at that time and I’ll explain it all to you then!! If you haven’t got Zello goto; and download the little bit of FREE software for your PC, then install it and run it. It will ask you to create a username and password along with an email address (You won’t get spammed) then search for the Treehouse channels…Zello is also available for your Smartphone or Tablet, just goto where you download your apps and search for Zello…

Besides looking at the biggest money earners, I thought as its the last Kitchen Sink of the series before the new series of shows start next week I thought it’d be fun to pick songs that fit or suit Treehouse Radio presenters personality or the type of show or shows they do;

So, during the show if you want to suggest a song, just say hi or chat about anything else;
Tweet: @DeanOrmond #THRadio
Zello Chaeenls: Treehouse Radio or Treehouse Live

So hope to see you Thursday morning at 11am UK / 6am US Eastern LIVE on or via your favourite radio app or download the FREE Treehouse Radio app from Appstore or Googleplay.


Updated: July 5, 2017 — 12:00 PM

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