The #NETRadioGroup Listener Top 100 @Countdown Is finally Here!

Hi to all!

Well, the Christmas elves have done their work and compiled the Net Radio Group Listener Top 100.

Now it’s up to a bunch of fabulous presenters to bring it to you.

And it all starts tomorrow, 23 December at 10 AM UK time, which is 5 AM US Eastern.

Darren Hartland will kick off the day with two hours of Christmas tunes that didn’t make the charts, amongst a bunch of tracks that did make the charts but by different artists.

Then, at 12 PM UK time, 7 AM US Eastern, Buffy will launch the chart proper!

Throughout the day, we will use the #NETRadioGroup hashtag, and you can do the same to keep track of the off air conversation and join in when the fancy takes you.

This is just the start of four days of Net Radio Group programming to help your holiday celebrations go that much better.

Updated: December 22, 2017 — 8:02 PM

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