Stacey Solomon, Tina Arena and Eddie Reader all on today’s Album Gems across the #NETRadioGroup

Hi to all!

I invite you to join me for 3 hours of Album Gems today at 9pm in the UK, which is 4pm US Eastern on Treehouse Radio and across the Net Radio Group.

The featured artist today is Tina Arena, and the featured album is “Shy” by the beautiful Stacey Solaman.

We’ll also have 3 live tracks from Eddie Reader and the Double Feature where we play songs from movie soundtracks will be taken from The Shawshank Redemption.

You can get in touch at any time by e-mailing darren@netradiogroup or tweet @TreehouseDarren using the #AlbumGems hashtag.

To tune in, you can search for the Treehouse Radio app for iOS or Android in your favorite app store, ask your Amazon Echo or Google Home device to play Treehouse Radio from Tune In, or go to …

for other options.

I hope to see you later, it’s a fabulous journey into music!


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