It’s 2001 On This Week’s Retro Chart – Wednesday LIVE 2pm UK/9am ET

Hi guys
Yes Steve is still on his holidays but never fear Dean is here to look after this week’s Retro Chart…And this week we only go back 17 years to 2001…

Now, you’re thinking do you need a crash helmet for this week’s chart…Honestly, there are a couple of stinkers at the bottom end of the chart but don’t worry I’ll hold your hand through them and we’ll safely navigate our way to the good stuff!!!

I’ll also have a look at what was going on back in 2001 and again be asking you what your 2001 self would be doing on a Wednesday afternoon in April…Plus I’ll tell you what was Number 1 on this week’s Album chart along with a quick trip across the pond to the States to look at their Best Sellers of the year!!

And ofcourse Steve has left us with another Mix-Up to solve!!

I’d love to hear from you during the show;
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So, I hope you can join me to take a trip back to 2001 this Wednesday at 2pm UK / 9am US Eastern LIVE across the Net Radio Group; or via TuneIn or download Treehouse Radio’s FREE app from Appstore or Googleplay…Or just ask Alexa to play Treehouse Radio from TuneIn…


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