Hungry for Vinyl – Vinyl Stash LIVE Friday 11am UK/6am ET

Hi guys
The weekend is nearly upon us which means its that time of the week where we delve into our Vinyl Stashes again!!

This week we’re still in the midst of our letter M’s so, if you haven’t told me about a band, artist or group starting with the letter M that you, your parents or grandparents had in their collections there’s still time to do so!!

Also this week I want to tell you about a conversation I had with some of my friends the other week about the food we used to love and the food we used to hate as children…We made up a list and realised some of our guilty food pleasures stem back to our childhood…So what’s your guilty food pleasure..?

I love to hear from you, simply;
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So, I hope you’re hungry this Friday at 11am UK / 6am US Eastern LIVE on or via the FREE Treehouse Radio app from Appstore or Googleplay or why not ask your Amazon / Google Home device to play Treehouse Radio from TuneIn.


Updated: February 1, 2018 — 11:14 AM

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