Family Fortunes, a featured album & chance to win a cash prize #THRadio


I’m Steve, why not come and play Family Fortunes with me. It’s the game based on the TV show of the same name, Family Feud in the US, Canada and Australia, where you have to match the highest answers carried out in the surveys. Play against other listeners and try to get the most points.
Each week your scores will be added to our leaderboard and at the end of the series in July whoever is top will be crowned the end of series champion.

Not only that but I have a featured album this week. The group Steps have reformed and their new album, ‘Tears On The Dancefloor’, has been released today. I’ll be playing 9 tracks from it so we can see how they’ve changed.

To get in touch during the show with song requests or to play along tweet @1969Steve or email

Plus I’ll be telling you how you can win a cash prize with a number. Full details on Family Fortunes tonight from 9pm to midnight UK time, that’s 4 to 7pm US Eastern, on both Treehouse Radio and The Phoenix

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