DJ Desyree

Photo of DJ Desiree
Name: DJ-Desyree

Treehouse e-mail address:

Twitter name: @djdesiree1970

Where are you based: Burley Idaho USA

What show(s) do you present and what time(s) can we hear them: Desyree’s Diner Wednesday 10pm-12am UK, 5pm-7pm US Eastern

Briefly describe your show(s): I listen to my listening audience by taking their requests and playing them. I play a mix of music.

When did you start broadcasting: I started broadcasting in September, 2000 where I helped get ACB radio interactive off the ground.

How did you get into broadcasting: I have always had an interest in broadcasting and I took the opportunity when the ACB came calling.

When you’re not on air, what do you like to do: I love to cook and spend time talking to my friends on the computer.

What genre(s) of music do you find yourself listening to most: I love the old rock, and I love hearing a lot of romantic music.

What genre(s) of music to you dislike the most: I hate Rap, because I do not understand the words they are saying.

Name 3 of your favorite music artists or bands: From the old rock, I like Deep purple, Kenny G, Air Supply

Name an artist or band you feel is totally overrated: EMINEM

Name one of your favorite movies: Star Wars

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