Billy the Kid

Billy the Kid
Name: Bill Case

Treehouse e-mail address:

Twitter name: @THRadioBill

Where are you based: Kingwood, West Virginia, United States

What show(s) do you present and what time(s) can we hear them: The Pony Express – Monday, 10:00 PM UK Time / 5:00 PM Eastern – US
Back to the Future – Saturday Midnight UK Time and 7:00 PM (Friday) US Eastern

Briefly describe your show(s): I do two shows on Treehouse Radio. The first is The Pony Express where I will play a variety of Country music from today, as well as classic Country. My second show is called Back To The Future, and on this show I will be playing music from a specific year, decade, or time period, as well as historical facts about the chosen year, and a top 5 countdown when possible. I will also be have special segments such as name the Artist and Title; which consists of me playing short clips of a song, and listeners have to try to guess the artist and and title of the track.

when did you start broadcasting: Around September of 2004

How did you get into broadcasting: A friend told me I should do internet radio, and another friend tought me how to broadcast.

When you’re not on air, what do you like to do: I do a lot of reading, and sometimes I like to write short stories and poetry.

What genre(s) of music do you find yourself listening to: Mostly Country, Soft Rock, and Classic Rock

What genre(s) of music to you dislike the most: Modern Day Rap

Name 3 of your favorite music artists or bands: Alabama, KISS, and The Eagles

Name an artist or band you feel is totally overrated: Pitbull

Name one of your favorite movies: Double Jeopardy

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