An Irritating Weekender on the Train with Classic Albums – Friday LIVE 2pm UK/9am ET

Hi guys
I hope you’re having a great week and looking forward to the weekend!!

To get you set for the up and coming weekend I hope you can join me this Friday for The Weekender…

Its been a busy week with lots to talk about and lots of music to play. On this Friday’s Weekender I want to know your favourite albums of all time, you know those albums that you play and play over and over again, or a specific album track that you really think is worthy of an airing…

Its also been a funny old week in the news, with a survey listing the most irritating things in life that really annoy you. Talking of annoying things, I’ll be also be talking about the annoying train guard who asked a disabled woman to move from a wheelchair space so a mother could put her pram/buggy there. When she said NO the guard totally humiliated her and threatened to throw her off the train and call the police!

I’ve also got a Billboard Bottom 5 from 1995 along with what was on the telly and at the movies this week in 95. Plus we may talk about Frantic Friday and Punch & Judy, plus whatever else crops up!!

I’d love to hear from you before, during or after the show;
Tweet: @DeanOrmond #Weekender #THRadio

So, I really hope you can join me and get involved this Friday at 2pm UK / 9am US Eastern LIVE on + our FREE IOS /Android app or via your smart peaker by asking it to play Treehouse Radko, remember if you have an Amazon device enable the Treehouse Radio skill and ask Alexa to play Treehouse Radio!!

See you Friday

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