Darren Hartland

Hi all!

OK, first off, I hate writing about myself so don’t expect anything earthshattering or too serious, other than to say I’m the guy responsible for this little corner of Internet broadcasting.

I’ve been involved in entertainment in some form or other for the last 30 years and specifically Internet Radio for the last 3 years.

I did have a brief spell at ACB Radio Interactive in 2007, but personal circumstances meant I couldn’t continue at that time.

I love 80s music, especially artists like Nik kershaw, Level 42 and Duran Duran. there’s something about music from our past that always stays with us and can bring back memories as soon as you hear a particular song.

More recently I’ve been getting into artists like Alter Bridge, Nightwish, Within Temptation and Delain, and you’ll hear a good deal of this stuff on my Music By Starlight show and on the station.

Oh it’s also worth mentioning I love Icecream, Chocolate and cake…Just sayin’ lol.

OK, so to my shows then…

I present Exclusively 80s every Tuesday at 1 PM UK, which is 8 AM US Eastern. This is the music of my childhood and teens and, although some of it ain’t great artistry, the nostalgia value makes it worth the listen!

Each Friday at 6 PM UK, which is 1 PM US Eastern, I present Music By Starlight.

Yes I know some will remember me saying I’d not be doing this show again, but what can I tell you, I really missed it, and so did you apparently.

Music By Starlight is very much a music sharing and appreciation show where I play a load of music that you don’t hear on mainstream radio. It’s also a show where I can just relax and be myself rather than a broadcaster. Almost like I have this secret treehouse and I invite you up for 3 hours each week to share.

You can contact me via Twitter @HartlandShows or via e-mail darren at treehouseradio dot com. Sorry the e-mail was spelled out longhand, but spam bots are horrid!

Hope to see you in the Treehouse soon!

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