A Middle Class Weekender Full of Retro Number 1s – LIVE Friday 2pm UK/9am ET

Hi guys
Yes I’m back!! The weekend is nearly upon us which means its time for the teturn of th Weekender…

This week to celebrate Treehouse’s 4th Birthday and the launch of Retro Roots I’ll be playing lots of 80s and 90s UK Number 1s…So if you’ve got a favourite number 1 from either of those decades let me know…Alternatively let me know of a great U.S. or Aussie Number 1 from those decades that I can play for you!!

Also…Are you Middle Class? I’ve got 15 tests to discover if you’re Middle Class…And if that’s not enough, we’re also going to create your DJ Name…Oh yes, I’ve got a simple formular for you to get your DJ Name!!

Tweet: @DeanOrmond #Weekender #THRadio
Email: dean@treehouseradio.com

So, hope you can join me this Friday at 2pm UK / 9am US Eastern LIVE on www.treehouseradio.com/listen-live or download the FREE “Treehouse Radio Player” app from your usual store…Or just ask your Google or Alexa to Play Treehouse Radio…And why not get your Alexa to Enable Treehouse Radio Skill…


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