A Hot & Melting #VinylStash – LIVE Friday 11am UK/6am ET #60s #70s #80sMusic #THRadio

Hi guys
I’m getting a little worried about my Vinyl Stash…The weather is getting hotter and I fear my vinyl will melt!!!
This Friday I’ll try and finish off going through the B’s in mine and your Vinyl Stashes so we can go on to the letter C but its hard as there are so many great B’s!!  Have a think of a letter B artist or group you had in your, your parents or grandparents collection…Remember it has to be on or before 1990 as that’s when I stopped buying vinyl…
I’ll also have more memories of our childhood like what TV shows we loved, the toys we had and the food we ate…
As always I love hearing from you either to just say hi, chat about your childhood memories or let me know about a letter B artist or group from your Vinyl Stash;
Tweet: @DeanOrmond #VinylStash
Zello Channels: deanonair or Treehouse Live
So, I hope you can join me round the record player this Friday at 11am UK / 6am US Eastern LIVE across the Net Radio Group via; www.treehouseradio.com/listen—live www.the-phoenix.net or via your favourite radio app or download Treehouse Radio’s FREE app from Appstore or Googleplay.

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