A Classic Weekender at the Movies with the Doctor – LIVE Friday 2pm UK/9am ET

Hi guys
Another week is nearly over and boy are we ready for the weekend!!

This week a friend recommended and told me to watch a classic movie, which got me wondering what other classic movies I haven’t watched…So this Friday I would love your recommendations on classic films I really should watch?

Also this week a survey has come out listing the Top 10 lies we tell our doctor…Have you ever told a little white fib to your doctor..?

And if that’s not enough, would you believe Madonna turned 60 this week…Yes 60, which begs the question, what’s your favourite Madonna song? And also do you act your age?

I’ve also got a Billboard Bottom 5 from this week in 1996 plus what was on the telly and in the cinemas this week in 96 too…

No musical theme this week so anything goes including your favourite Madonna songs or songs from classic movies;
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Email: dean@treehouseradio.com

So, I hope you can join me this Friday at 2pm UK / 9am US Eastern LIVE on www.treehouseradio.com/listen-live or download our FREE app from App Store, Googleplay or Amazon “Treehouse Radio Player” or ask your Google to play Treehouse Radio from TuneIN…Or even ask Alexa to enable the Treehouse Radio skill then ask her to play Treehouse Radio.


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