A Boardy Vinyl Stash – LIVE Friday 11am UK/6am ET

Hi guys
Well, nearly another week has passed and its no surprise that we’re still in the letter B’s of mine and your Vinyl Stash…This week its all about Bills and Billys plus a bit of Blondie thrown in amongst the vinyl…
Also I’ll have some more childhood memories and this week I would especially like to hear what Board Games you played as a kid or still play with your family…
Also as always I’d love to raid your, your parents or grandparents Vinyl Stash, especially looking for those letter B artists…Remember the rules of the Vinyl Stash is that you, your parents or grandparents had on Single, LP, Compilation Album or Tape Cassette and it has to be on or before 1990, as that’s when I stopped buying vinyl…
So, I’d love to hear from you now or during the show via;
Twitter: @DeanOrmond #VinylStash
Zello Chaeenls: deanonair or Treehouse Live
So, grab a cuppa and join me round the record player this Friday at 11am UK / 6am US Eastern LIVE across the Net Radio Group via; www.treehouseradio.com www.the-phoenix.net or from your favourite radio app or download Treehouse Radio’s FREE app from Appstore or Googleplay.

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